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1  Select Your Issue

Easily search for issues you are passionate about or affect your community.

2  Vote Up or Down

Read up on the campaign and their issue and vote in favor or against moving it forward.

3  Voice Your Opinion

Don't agree or believe you have a better solution? Simply leave a comment or easily start your own campaign.

4  Share Your Campaign

Tell your friends, family, and coworkers your story. The more you share the more input you will have!

5  Fund Your Campaign

Fund a campaign to demonstrate your commitment to push the campaign forward.

Voting With iLobby Vs. Petitions & Protests

Voting With iLobby


Open, transparent debate helps every American citizen begin to understand the issues. Experts and individuals alike contribute in a crowdsourced, independent, multi-party environment that respects the rights of individuals and honors the First Amendment. 


Problems in the world and our communities are not dictated along party lines. Solutions can come from anyone in an independent, thoughtful, fact-based environment. This is not about political gossip or attack politics.

Issue Agnostic

We believe all sides should be heard and dissent often provides the solution to a sticky problem that nobody wants to hear. We focus on issues, not candidates. We focus on policy, not politics and that makes all the difference in the world.


When you align the correct constituent with the right issue and the right committee, you have the basis for a CICAS strategy. (Constituent-Issue-Committee Alignment Strategy). How many times have you discovered that your Congressperson can do nothing because they are out of the Majority and they do not sit on the right committee that would consider your issue? 


Unless you have quantified data, verifiable sources and outcome-based strategies like we provide with "The Policy Accelerator"™ your issue will flounder. We want you to have the tools you need to move your issue forward and solve the problems we all face in the real world and do it in this century. 

A Petition, a Protest or a Plea


It's one person or one group's singular point of view, one dogmatic slogan, and approach. Sometimes one thoughtful letter. No debate, no dissent, no input from others. No impact.  


The message is usually one-sided. It is not a debate. It is a demand. It turns into a boycott, a bitch session or a brawl. It focuses on behavior, not substance. When you start out on the wrong foot, the reasoning person will ultimately reject your request.

Issue Myopic

Single issue focus without consideration for unintended consequences often leads to unworthy solutions. Wicked problems require elegant solutions. Elegant solutions need to come from lots of folks with boots on the ground, not just a few experts and insiders who believe they know it all. But do they really?


Chaotic, solo efforts that do not authenticate the voter by the district are doomed to fail. Congressional members listen to and support constituents from their district. If you are not among them, it is unlikely you will gain traction.


The successful outcome of petitions is fairly weak. Leaders will privately acknowledge this. If protests and letters gather social steam and media momentum, that helps. But when it comes down to the elements of a sponsored bill and passing real legislation, you will find very few Government Relations professionals resorting to marching on the Mall or signing petitions to make their clients' intentions known. They want a seat at the table and so do you.


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We want to revolutionize and accelerate how bills are drafted, issues are voted on, and laws are enacted. We want you to be part of the process and to become politically literate and engage with your leaders. Simple!


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